Cindy Crawford and Kaia Have Chic Mother-Daughter Style (Photo)

cindy crawford
Cindy Crawford & daughter Kaia leave Katsuya with friends.

Cindy Crawford always manages to look her best, but I guess that’s to be expected considering that she’s a supermodel and all. Cindy may be 45 years old, but you’d never guess her age by looking at her. She has such an amazing sense of style, and it looks like she’s passed it on to her daughter, Kaia, as well!

This photo was taken of Cindy and Kaia leaving Katsuya restaurant with friends. Kaia is actually the little girl in the back of the photo. Don’t she and mom Cindy look adorable in their gold ballet flats?

I can’t help but wonder what brand of jeans Cindy is wearing. They hug every curve in all the right places and look like they were tailor made for her body. Her multi-colored Longchamp bag has me absolutely drooling as well.

Kaia looks cute and trendy in her black leggings and white top. Doesn’t she look like a mini version of her mom?

Cindy and Kaia are about the most stylish mother/daughter duo in Hollywood…don’t you think?

Photo: Pacific Coast News

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