Cindy Crawford Eats Healthy For Her Daughter


cindy crawford and kidsCindy Crawford really wants to be a model mom for her two kids, Presley, 10 and Kaia, 8.

Now 44, she keeps in shape by exercising three times a week and eats healthy meals with her kids.

Find out what the typical day of meals is like for her…

She told US magazine that she eats oatmeal and blueberries with her son in the morning, has salads with chicken or shrimp for lunch, and fish and vegetables at dinner time. She does allow chocolate treats as snacks.

“I have a daughter, so I eat consciously because I want her to see me eat healthy and not think that she can’t have dessert ever,” she says. “I think its a bad example for her.”

Do your kids eat more healthy food or junk food these days?