Cindy Crawford Got Botox'd?


1-cindy-crawford-makeupCindy Crawford is trying to set the right example for her daughter in everything she does. She’s even laid off the Botox.

She used Botox about 10 years ago, but won’t be using it again. “There’s a doctor here in London who I’ve gone to for Botox. I did a whole skincare line with him. But I haven’t done Botox for ten years. And I didn’t do collagen, I don’t think.”

Cindy is a big supporter of natural beauty and is an advocate for changes in the beauty industry and stopped using all the fake stuff years ago.

Me too.

She’s even gone so far as to admit she has cellulite. Join the club honey, join the club.

I’m sure her daughter appreciates all her efforts, however she’s a beauty and won’t need any sort of help for many, many years to come.