Cindy Crawford & Husband Victims of a Extortion Scam


dld1uz0ssubu0zsdMan, poor Cindy Crawford. She is allegedly the victim of a recent extortion attempt. And this isn’t just a David Letterman like extortion, this time the extortionist used Crawford’s 7-year-old daughter as the pawn in his sinister game. What did the extortionist have?

A photo of Crawford’s daughter bound to a chair and gagged. How did Edis “Eddie” Kayalar, the man charged with the crime, get the photo? He was a friend of a former nanny of Crawford and husband Rande Gerber. He apparently wanted to sell the photo, which was reportedly taken as part of a game of cops and robbers (the family knew nothing of this). The nanny supposedly took the picture as a “prank” but her pal Kayalar stole the photo from her.

The struggling model Kayalar, according to the documents filed, had Crawford’s husband pay him $1000 for the photo. But then he came back later telling him that he still possessed the original and wanted more money.  He was arrested and deported to his native Germany. He then called the Crawford family from there and demanded they give him $100,000 or else he’d share the pic with the world.

Crawford and her husband took the issue to the police and they turned it into the FBI. Yeah, someone is going down!