Cindy Crawford: Supermodel Mom With Super Casual Style (Photos)

cindy crawford
Cindy Crawford's casual style suits her perfectly.

She may be 45 years old, but you’d never guess Cindy Crawford’s age by looking at her. She looks pretty much the same as she did twenty years ago, and is still just as beautiful as she was when she started her modeling career.

Even though Cindy is a supermodel, she doesn’t dress for the runway in her day-to-day life. Cindy has a super casual style that perfectly compliments her laid back life living in California.

Whether she’s out on a dinner date with her husband, Rande Gerber, strolling with her kids around Malibu, or hitting the gym, Cindy always manages to look cool and casual.

Here are more photos of Cindy’s effortless relaxed style. She always looks great!


  • Classic Look 1 of 10
    Classic Look
  • Casual Jeans 2 of 10
    Casual Jeans
  • Malibu Bike Ride 3 of 10
    Malibu Bike Ride
  • Chic Capris 4 of 10
    Chic Capris
  • Working Out 5 of 10
    Working Out
  • Dinner in Hollywood 6 of 10
    Dinner in Hollywood
  • Basic Black 7 of 10
    Basic Black
  • Coffee Run 8 of 10
    Coffee Run
  • Looking Great in Denim 9 of 10
    Looking Great in Denim
  • Cool as Can Be! 10 of 10
    Cool as Can Be!

Cindy Crawford may be a super model mom, but she’s just like us!