Cindy McCain: Watch Cindy McCain Speak Out On LGBT Teen Bullying (Video)

Cindy McCain
Cindy McCain Speaks Out On LGBT Bullying

Cindy McCain is just one of many celebrities who are standing up and speaking out against LGBT Teen Bullying. You can watch Cindy McCain support LGBT teens in the video clip below, along with a host of other celebs including Denise Richards and Gene Simmons.

Cindy McCain is making headlines for having an opposing view on the ban on gay people serving openly in the military than her husband, John McCain.

Cindy McCain believes that law makers and other influential people, such as clergy members, who oppose gay rights are the people who are responsible for so many LGBT suicides taking place among teens.

Cindy McCain says that “the government treats the gay community like second class citizens and does not give young people hope.”

Watch Cindy McCain speak out against LGBT bullying in the video below.


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