Claire Danes One Month Old Son Cyrus Is Helping Her Fight The War Against Terrorism!


Photo Source: Instagram – Claire Danes

Congratulations to new mom to be Claire Danes who won the 2013 Golden Globe for her role as Carrie Mathison in Homeland.

In her acceptance speech Claire explained early on that she told the staff of the show that she was “with child and the seamstress took her pants out every week”.

Claire was lucky enough to bring Cyrus to the golden globes who was upstairs with her parents! She then thanked Cyrus for helping her to “fight the war against terrorism”!

Wow, that is one powerful little one-month-old! I wonder if we will see him make an appearance on the show!

I am a dedicated Homeland fan! I can not wait till the next season!!

Congratulations Claire!

(Photo Source : Instagram)
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