Claire Danes Takes Newborn Baby Out on Christmas Eve Stroll (Photos)

Claire Danes, Husband Hugh Dancy & Baby

Homeland star Claire Danes and her husband Hugh Dancy wore spotted taking a walk in Manhattan, but they had a very special person accompanying them; their brand new son Cyrus Michael Christopher Dancy.

The couple welcomed their first child very recently, Cyrus was born on Monday December 17th, that was just over a week ago!

The couple were bundled up and in parkas, wool caps and comfy scarves while their baby was kept cozy in their convertible stroller.

Check out more photos of the new parents right here:

  • Claire and Hugh 1 of 5
    Claire and Hugh
    The two are celebrating their son's first Christmas.
  • Claire Danes 2 of 5
    Claire Danes
    A fresh-faced Claire Danes, looks great with her new mother glow.
  • Keeping Warm 3 of 5
    Keeping Warm
    The air is getting far chillier in New York City, hence the layers.
  • Parka 4 of 5
    I love Claire Danes classic parka, simple and sensible.
  • Blend In 5 of 5
    Blend In
    The duo totally blend in on the streets on NYC, but with Claire Danes being on such a high profile show, it's hard to miss her!