Claudia Schiffer Really Likes The Letter C


On May 14th, the supermodel Claudia Schiffer gave birth to her third child. A little girl was born to the family and joined her older siblings Clementine, 5 ½, and Caspar, 7. Claudia and her husband Matthew Vaughn opted to hold off on releasing their new addition’s name to the public until their families had met the baby. And it turns out that Claudia apparently loves the letter C. What did she name her baby?

Cosima Violet. That leaves Matthew the odd man out in a family of Cs Claudia, Clementine, Caspar and Cosima. Perhaps he can change his name to Catthew?

So what is the origin of the name Cosima? It is female version of the name Cosmo. It comes from the Greek word kosmos, which means order. There is a famous Cosima Cosima Francesca Gaetana Wagner. She was the daughter of Franz Liszt and married the famed German composer Richard Wagner.

What do you think of the name Cosima?