Claudia Schiffer's Husband Reveals Fears


Claudia Schiffer’s husband is excited about the arrival of their third child but is scared he’s not going to be able to cope.

Matthew Vaughn said: “Suddenly it will be one goes left, one goes right, and one goes down the middle. I won’t be able to catch all three. I’m looking forward to it though.”

The couple already have a seven-year-old named Casper and a daughter named Clementine, 5.

He also recently revealed another fear and it’s not about her pregnancy!

The director tells the Sun newspaper about the time a stalker came into their home in 2004.

He explained,  “There was one time when I walked into the kitchen and there was a stranger sitting at the table with a bag.

“My initial reaction was to tell him to get the (expletive) out. Then I thought he might have a gun and my wife and kids were upstairs asleep. So I ended up offering him a cup of tea.

“Then I rang the police as I put the kettle on. He was a freak.”

He added that he’s afraid it could happen again since his wife is so famous.

Wow! What a scary story! To have an intruder come into your house with your children upstairs is indeed frightening and hopefully won’t happen to them again.