Clay Aiken: My Son Doesn't Like To Hear Me Sing!


Claykens rejoice! The former American Idol star has a new album out called Tried and True.  His biggest influence for the new record came from his mother who sang in the car as well as at clubs and weddings.

You would think this would motivate Clay to sing to his own son, but little Parker won’t have it! 

“For the most part, around the house, we don’t have that much music playing,” Clay says. “For some reason, I’m nervous to sing for him. My son doesn’t like to listen to me sing, but he enjoys listening to other people sing. Maybe kids just don’t like to hear their parents, ever. When they’re teenagers they don’t want to hear them. When they’re babies they don’t want to hear ’em sing. Maybe it’s just a genetic thing.”

I don’t know about that. I’m an awful singer so no one likes to hear me, be it a baby or grown adult with eardrums, but I remember liking to hear my mother belt out a lullaby when I was young.

Maybe Parker just doesn’t like music? He may grow to like it though since the musical gene runs in the family. Clay isn’t entirely up for his son having a professional career in the industry though.  “I don’t plan on that happening. I obviously will encourage him in whatever he wants to, whatever he’s passionate about, but I’m just gonna hope it’s not this.”

Only time will tell.


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