Clive Owen Talks Parenting On Vs. Off-Screen


clive-owen-rome-familyIn his latest film, The Boys Are Back, Clive Owen sheds his mysterious tough guy persona for something he’s a little more familiar with in real life: fatherhood. Despite the personal nature of this role, Clive says that he couldn’t stand the kind of lackadaisical, “free-range” style of parenting that his character adheres to in the flick.

When asked if he could endure the kind of free-for-all “hog heaven” parenting style that his character — a newly widowed sportswriter who now has to adjust to life with his estranged sons — adopts with his sons, Clive had this to say:

“There’s certainly some validity to the argument about don’t be so quick to say no all the time. Go with the flow. But, obviously, no one is doing the washing up, no one is doing the chores. It’s going to collapse at some point. You do need an element of structure to bringing up a kid.”

Having two daughters of his own (Hannah, 12, and Eve, 10), Clive says that it’s a nice change of pace to be playing a role that he identifies with in a little more day-to-day sense. Says Clive:

“I’m a parent, but I always considered that slightly separate from my work. And, suddenly, I’m reading this script that really explores parenting. I felt very involved with it, because I’ve got two young girls and I could relate to an awful lot of it. Often, I find family movies a little cute and not very real. This felt honest…”