CMA Awards: Why Did Taylor Swift Mouth The Word "What?" At End Of "Back To December" Performance? (Video)

Taylor Swift CMA Awards 2010
Why Did Taylor Swift Mouth "What?" During CMA Awards Performance?

At the CMA Awards tonight, Taylor Swift gave an emotional and beautiful performance of her new song, “Back To December.” It has long been rumored that “Back To December” is an ode to her former flame, Taylor Lautner, so it is quite symbolic that she chose to sing it at the CMA Awards tonight.

A strange thing happened at the end of Taylor’s performance at the CMA Awards. Watch the video clip below, and towards the end of “Back To December”, you will see the camera pan out to the audience, and then it goes back to Taylor on stage. She has a blank look on her face and clearly mouths the word, “What?”

The camera man must have noticed this oddity fairly quickly, because right after Taylor mouths “What?”, it cuts straight back to host, Carrie Underwood.

The big question is: Who Taylor was mouthing, “What?” to? Did she see someone in the audience at the CMA Awards? Or was she talking to the camera man?

The whole thing is kind of weird. Watch the video clip below of Taylor Swift’s “Back To December” performance at the CMA Awards to see the incident for yourself…pay close attention to the end of the video.

Photo: PRPhotos