Coca-Cola Happiness Truck?



Coca-Cola and the Happiness Machine are back! The Coca-Cola video was a viral hit last year ( over 3 million views on YouTube) has a sequel and it looks awesome.

The Coke “Happiness Machine” has been transformed into a Coca-Cola “Happiness Truck” that gives you everything a frosty Coke to a soccer ball to a surf board.

The new video, “Happiness Truck” takes place in Rio—kind of cool! The cool Coca-Cola truck gives thirsty people free Cokes but also summer fun! The truck gives out beach toy, surfboard, sunglasses and beach stuff.

The soft drink giant put the “Happiness Truck” video on the Coke Facebook page today.

Coca-Cola is doing all kinds of fun things in 2011.

Coca-Cola is offering up fans a chance to go to London to jam with Maroon 5!  According to Coke: “Our winner will head to London in March for a true insider’s experience. It’s your chance to get into the studio, watch the creative process unfold and lend your inspiration to the track!”
Check out complete prize details and more info on the London Jam with Maroon 5 on the Coke website.

Source: Mashable