Cold Fire and Hex Light: "Pitchmen" Moves On Without Celeb Dad Billy Mays (VIDEO)


billy maysThe shocking death of Billy Mays, a 50-year-old father of two and star of the Discovery Channel series “Pitchmen,” last year threw the very existence of the show into doubt. But last night Anthony “Sully” Sullivan returned to the air with the second season of “Pitchmen,” featuring cold fire and hex light, along with a tribute to his late friend.

In a dramatic video to demonstrate the effectiveness of one of his pitch products, Sully set himself on fire and then had some assistants spray him with cold fire to put it out.

For video of that, as well as what Sully said about his late friend, read on.

Sully attends a convention for pitchmen in Las Vegas and reminisces about his late friend, who accompanied him on the trip the year before. Black-and-white footage of that trip, with Mays looking happy and healthy, is shown.

“People really miss him. The whole industry misses him, I miss him,” Sully says.

Billy Mays III, Mays’ son and a production assistant on “Pitchmen,” appeared on last night’s show to talk about his dad. Mays also left behind a young daughter.

Also on last night’s episode, Sully tried out the hex light, a hands-free LED flashlight that attaches to your forearm.

Below, Sully sets himself on fire.


Photo: Discovery Channel

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