Coleen Rooney - Did You Have That Baby Yet?


wayne-rooney-coleen-mcloughlinColeen Rooney might have to hide from her husband after giving birth. SHe hasn’t even given birth yet and already Wayne is planning their next child.

I think I would hide too.

Coleen said of Wayne’s enthusiasm, Wayne would have another one straight away, but it’s not him having it! I’ve always said that I would love to have three or four children however, I’m going to wait a while longer!”

Coleen is going to take it on baby at a time though. “I’d like to spend some quality time at home as a family and just give as much love and support as I can to both Wayne and the child. I’d like to combine being a mum with my work, but I don’t think I’ll decide what I’m going to do until after the baby is born. Most of the work I do now would fit in fine with having a baby. It’s only days here and there and I could always take the baby with me.”

Well good for her, she’s not jumping into any rash decisions. She’s due any day now and I expect will be keeping her legs crossed until she’s ready for the next baby.

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