Colin Farrell Doesn't Want To Spoil His Kids

Colin Farrell

In a Hollywood world where $20,000 birthday parties and $100,000 gifts are the norm, it’s so refreshing to read about a celebrity parent who isn’t interested in spoiling their children. Irish hunk Colin Farrell is one of those parents, who says he would rather raise his children the same way he was raised as a child himself.

I mean, because how many times have we seen children open up a really expensive toy just to play with it for ten minutes and show more interest in the wrapping paper instead? Sometimes it’s just not worth it, right? Here’s what Colin says:

“One of my sons loves footballs, tennis balls anything round and the other is mad on trains. Toys keep them happy and I give them ice-cream that’s about as extravagant as it gets.”

Right on, Colin. To be completely honest, the only real “spoiling” a children deserves is in the amount of love they receive from their parents.

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