Colin Firths Waxwork Looks Exactly Like Him! (Photos)

Colin looking festive

While we don’t see this very often, Colin Firth‘s new waxwork at London’s Madame Tussaud museum looks exactly like him!

The father-of-three is dressed in a black tux and we must say, if we didn’t know any better we would think it was the real him! His waxwork looks just as handsome as Colin does in real life!

Colin will take his place in the A-list Party area of the museum where he is joined by Julia Roberts, Kate Winslet and George Clooney. I mean, where else would he be, right?

Check out our photos of the fake Colin -— who will always be Mark Darcy for some of us here!


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    Colin Firth
    A new waxwork of Oscar winner Colin Firth has been unveiled at London's Madame Tussauds.
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    Colin Firth
    The statue stands alongside Kate Winslet and David and Victoria Beckham.
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    Colin Firth
    It looks exactly like him!
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    Colin Firth
    While some waxworks are convincing and less are so convincing...
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    Colin Firth
    This one is right on the money!
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    Colin Firth
    What do you think of Colin's waxwork?