College Moms - Four Loko Is Dangerous For Your Kids!


four lokoMoms of college-aged students, it’s time to check out your kids cupboards and refrigerators for a new alcoholic energy drink called Four Loko.    The drink has been gaining attention of college students this fall and actually made students at an off-campus party at Central Washington University sick earlier this month.

On the surface it seems like the dream drink for a college student – alcohol for those party nights and energy drink for those all nighters.  In reality, the drink is reportedly causing kids to get sick and some college officials are calling for a ban on the drink altogether.

The drink was already starting to garner negative press before the news that nine college students were hospitalized in Washington.  Initially it was thought that drugs were to blame, but it has been discovered that the high-alcohol caffeinated energy drink, Four Loko, was the cause of their need to be hospitalized.  The drink, which has been knicknamed “blackout in a can”, also caused 23 students in New Jersey to be hospitalized last month.

Four Loko comes in a variety of fruity flavors which help disguise the tast of the caffeinated malt liquor.  One 23.5-ounce can the drink  has an alcohol content of 12%, which is equivalent to drinking four to six beers.  The mix of caffeine works to suppress the effects of the alcohol causing some students drink more than usual.

So moms it’s time to check out your students fridges and get rid of this nasty stuff before something tragic happens!

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