Boy Floats Away in Homemade Balloon - UPDATED!


balloon-boy-colorado-blimp-trappedFalcon Heene, a six-year-old boy in Colorado, crawled into an experimental aircraft constructed by his parents and floated away – it was witnessed by his sibling.  The craft is being tracked by the Denver International Airport on radar and was last seen at 7,000 feet and moving around 30 mph.

7,000 feet.  A six-year-old boy.


The helium balloon was tethered in the yard of Richard Heene who appeared on the television show WifeSwap with his wife Mayumi, and admitted that he was a storm chaser.  The saucer-shaped blimp is 20 feet long and 5 feet high.  The basket beneath it, which the boy is believed to be in, is constructed of thin plywood.

Several media outlets have volunteered to help track the craft with their helicopters.

At this point the authorities are unsure as to the course of action they should take.

UPDATED – The balloon has landed and while authorities say they are positive that the boy was inside there is no sign of him yet.

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