Comedian April Macie Is Funny, But She Should Probably Never Have Kids

April Macie
Comedian April Macie, on the right

Comedian April Macie, who appeared on Last Comic Standing is definitely funny, and many people enjoy her act. She was even voted to be the “Funniest and Hottest” comedian in America on The Howard Stern Show, where she has appeared as a regular guest.

April can be seen performing in comedy clubs all over the nation, but one thing that is probably not on her radar anytime soon is becoming a mom, and honestly, that is probably a good thing.

April is known for being incredibly outspoken and even a bit lewd, but her one act on whether or not kids should be spanked is no laughing matter for some people.

In the act, she says that she thinks kids “need a good beating” every so often, and that a “little smack once in a while is good when they get lippy.”  She says that her dad “beat the funny right into her”, which implies that the bit is in fact, just a joke.

But is it even acceptable to joke about beating kids? Something tells me that there are plenty of other topics out there that are funny without crossing that line.

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