Comic Con 2011 Draws Some Of Todays Hottest Stars!

Comic Con
Comic Con is the hottest ticket in town

Comic-Con is the convention that has literally transformed itself in the past few years. Comic Con used to be a fun convention for die hard comic book fans and has literally turned into the most hard to get ticket around! Parents, kids and fans alike are now scrambling to get tickets!

We’ve already told you about the fact that while registration for Comic Con was supposed to open today for the 2011 Comic Con, but due to overwhelming demand the site had to shut down! So, why all the fuss over a simple convention? Well, Comic Con just happens to draw some of today’s hottest celebrities, and the list is getting even better!

Here are a few of the stars (including some of Hollywood’s hottest parents) who appeared at last year’s convention;

The cast from Twilight (that alone is enough to make the servers crash!), The cast of True Blood, Angelina Jolie, Tina Fey, Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds and even Hollywood’s hottest dad, Johnny Depp, made a surprise appearance!

So if you want to rub elbows with some of Hollywood’s hottest stars try and get yourself a ticket to Comic Con 2011 that is if you can!