Comic Con Registration Shut Down Again After Delays! (Sorry Parents Who Took Off Work)


comic com comic con registration
Comic Con registration has been shut down again!

Comic Con registration has been shut down AGAIN, despite the fact that many people took the day off of work or school to register for the hugely popular event! Comic Con just put the announcement up on its site, saying that it had to shut down because the site went under due to high demand.

People reported getting a “problem loading site” message yet again. Sort of ironic, considering it’s known as a “nerd” event that it would be felled by tech problems don’t you want to scream at the top of your lungs at the organizers to get a BETTER SYSTEM next year, because this one just ain’t working.

People are taking to Facebook and Twitter to complain about Comic Con 2011’s woes, and some of the complaints, including from parents who look forward to this event every year, are amusing. “So not cool!” is probably the tamest one that can be printed on a family-friendly site!

Did you try to register? Add your experience below.


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