Conan O'Brien Gets His New Show Off to a Cracking Start (Video)


conan first guestConan O’Brien is Back! Starting Monday Coco fans can find their favorite late night host back on the airwaves as his new show premieres on TBS.  Conan is ready to bring his unique brand of sarcasm and comedy back into the late night mix and go head-to-head with The Tonight Show.

To get things started off Conan offered his website followers the opportunity to decide who his first guest should be.  Viewers got choose from a list of options including Justin Bieber and Lady Gag along with some of Conan’s typical oddball favs.

Who’s going to be the first guest on Conan?


You know it has to be one of the oddballs!  The winner is Arlene Wagner!  Ms. Wagner is the ‘nutcracker lady’ who opened opened the Leavenworth Nutcracker Museum in Washington in 1995. 

Get the kids to bed early and look for Conan to make its debut on Monday night at 11 PM EST / 10 PM CST on TBS.

What do you think of Conan’s selection for his first guest?