Conan O'Brien TBS: Conan Lists the Reasons We Should Watch

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Conan O'Brien needs a big debut on TBS tonight

Conan O’Brien’s new show on TBS debuts tonight at 11:00 pm Eastern, and of course he hopes the world will watch. Clearly he has a lot riding on the success of this show after the humbling (and perhaps unfair) end of his Tonight Show run. O’Brien gave Entertainment Weekly five reasons why we should tune in:

1.  “There may be a cash giveaway. And I repeat may.”

2. “Late in the first show, I’m choosing a second wife — someone who’s independently very wealthy, so if I go through this kind of bulls— again, I’m really well taken care of. I mean, I’m talking about someone with hundreds of millions of dollars, because then I’ll really walk the walk.”

3. “You’ll get to see whether I kept the beard or not. And I don’t think I’m self-centered, but I think it’s more important to America than this election.”

4. “Reuniting Led Zeppelin is a goal of mine. I didn’t say it was going to happen. We’re either going to reunite Led Zeppelin, or a Led Zeppelin tribute band that hasn’t worked together in six years.”

5. “You’re going to see me slowly resent Andy less over the course of the first year on the air. Because you know it was him that f—ed up. I was doing fine before he came back to reunite the magic. I think people will love to watch a guy slowly start to forgive somebody over the course of 150 shows.”

I’m routing for him so I hope the new show is funnier than this list because as parents we need a really really good reason to stay up that late… Will you watch?


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