Conan O'Brien Was Injured and Has the Video to Prove It


conan-o-brien-injured-video-concussionConan O’Brien was back on The Tonight Show Monday night after injuring his head in a fall during Friday’s taping. And in typical Conan style, he showed a video of the hi-larious incident that sent him to the hospital. See the video after the jump.

The fall occurred during a skit with Teri Hatcher in which the two are racing in a triathlon and end up sprinting for the finish line into the studio. Conan slipped just as he reached the stage floor and banged his head on the ground:

The Tonight Show host says he got up and raced backstage to prepare for the next segment featuring Seth McFarlane, but when he returned to his desk he could barely read his cards and knew something was wrong.

Conan says his colleagues and medical personnel quickly surrounded him and began asking him questions such as what year it was, and when he answered, “I know it’s not 2011,” they knew it was time to take him to the hospital.

Glad to hear Conan’s back on his feet. I’m sure there were some worrisome moments when it wasn’t clear what his injuries were, but now that he’s okay I’d say this video is going to be a great home movie for his daughter Neve and son Beckett to whip out to show to their kids someday.