Conan Rally Brings Out Fans in the Rain (VIDEO)


conan-rally-universal-studiosFans of Conan O’Brien are out in full force today, in the pouring rain, in front of ‘The Tonight Show’ stage at Universal Studios. Similar protests are also being planned in New York and Chicago. They’re protesting the ouster by NBC of their late-night hero from his seven-month-old hosting spot in order to make way for Jay Leno’s return. It’s being reported that Andy Richter has just addressed the crowd in L.A. and Conan himself is expected to make an appearance later today.

The rally garnered a lot of support from Facebook — even my 13-year-old was trying to get me to take her to the protest. Although I have a feeling it was less to support Conan and more to sneak in a visit to Universal Studios.

Here’s a video of the rally that is taking place in front of Rockefeller Center in NYC. They’re singing, “Give Conan a Chance,” and it’s hysterical. Conan should be pumped to hear he’s got so many loyal fans — maybe it’ll take the sting out of losing his show and the fact that he moved his wife and kids out here from NY for only a seven-month vacation.

You can also see a live feed of the L.A. protest on TMZ.