CONFIRMED: Jon Gosselin Moving to New York City


Jon Gosselin

Tonight’s the night for the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT on “Jon and Kate Plus Eight.” Will they be getting a divorce? Will Kate cut off that ridiculous reverse mullet? Will Jon get an even bigger diamond stud earing and join the cast of “Wicked” on Broadway?

Well, Brian Sep – a friend of Jon Gosselin – tells “Life & Style” magazine that Jon and Kate are already living separately. Seems the rumors of Jon searching for apartments in NYC are true. “Jon is planning on living and working in New York during the week and staying home with the kids on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday while Kate is away. Jon hasn’t said anything about getting divorced.”

We’ll all know for sure in a few hours. TLC sure is playing up the drama in its promos, as expected. I guess I would, too, since “Plus Eight” is their ratings powerhouse of late.

“Jon really seems like he’s back to his old self,” Sep says. “Whatever decision has been made, Jon seems to be at peace with it and in a good place. He doesn’t know where Kate is when he’s gone but I think that’s okay with him.”

What do YOU think they’ll be announcing tonight?


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