Conrad Murray Back in Court Today Over Michael Jackson's Death


Dr. Conrad Murray is back in court today over the death of Michael Jackson.  His appearance today will set a date for a preliminary hearing in his involuntary manslaughter case.

Michael’s death was caused by an overdose of propofol, an anesthesia Dr. Murray has admitted administering to the King of Pop. He contends he gave him much less than was found in Michael’s system.

“The fact [of the way] that he died was a mystery a year ago, and still is,” Houston attorney Ed Chernoff told CNN.

Did Dr. Murray actually give Michael more than he should of? He was being paid a pretty penny and Michael was not used to hearing the word “no.” Or did Michael just give himself another dose? Or was it someone else? Michael employed seven other doctors and a nurse.

Michael’s family seems to think Dr. Murray is innocent. “Dr. Murray’s the fall guy,” Jermaine Jackson said. “This is bulls**t.”

The fans don’t agree. They have planned a protest today outside of the court house and plan to hang banners on the over pass of the Hollywood freeway.

What do you think-Is the doctor responsible or are people just looking for a scapegoat?