Constance Marie Gets Real About Her Post-Baby Body


Actress Constance Marie, mother to 17-month old Luna Marie, is yet another mommy blogger who has been sharing her trials and tribulations of new motherhood with her fans. And in her most recent blog, Marie revealed the truth about getting her body back after having her daughter, and some of her best tips for other new moms out there.

In what she called “the dreaded blog,” Marie started her post by saying “EVERY DAY  we see frickin’ pictures of beautiful models and celebrities staring out at us (Yes, I mean us!) touting how they walked the runway three months after having a baby. (Barf.)” But Marie insisted she’s not one of those celebrities, saying she’s just like “the next gal.”

Marie ensured readers she’s had her fair of weight issues, and found there were a few things she could do to get her body back to a good weight after having her daughter (which she says she is still working on).

So what were some of her main points? First, she said women should not eat whatever they want while pregnant. Of course, when you’re with child you’re eating for two, but that’s not fair game to consume everything in sight. “The sad truth?” she asked. “The easiest way to get your body back after baby is to not gain too much weight during your pregnancy!” Marie said she ate pretty healthily–while still giving in to those pregnancy cravings–for the majority of her pregnancy, and then let herself indulge extra the last month.

Marie also said that walking as much as possible during and after pregnancy, to keep her metabolism up and get some exercise, was a huge help in her losing the weight–and noted breastfeeding didn’t hurt the process either.

One of the most interesting tips we read, though, was that she wrapped her waist. “I thought this was BS, but I was desperate so I did it anyway,” she said. Marie wrote that she wrapped her waist in the velcro Baboosh Tauts belly wrap one week after her cesarean, and it helped to hold her stomach muscles in and keep her organs in place.

What are some good tips you have for losing the baby weight?


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