Constance Zimmer Has A Parrot Instead Of A Little Girl


constance-zimmer-boston-legal-william-shatner-baby-colette-zoe-apes-mimic-copycatConstance Zimmer knows what it’s like to have her daughter copy all those unfortunate things you sometimes let slip.

She says she has to watch it, because her daughter Colette Zoe has become a little parrot.

Colette is 22-months-old and Constance said, “I would say her talking has escalated ten fold, {but} it is kind of nice to see yourself repeated in your child.”

“Anything I say she repeats and then she comes up with her own ideas and concepts. A lot of times I say, ‘Ummm’ and now when I ask her something, I notice that she’ll stop and think and she’ll say, ‘Ummm,’ and she doesn’t know what that means, but she knows that I do it a lot.”

I remember I used to say “where the hell is daddy” when my husband was in the store and my son and I were in the car. I had to stop saying it when my son, at a gas station, said, “where the hell is daddy” while we were waiting for him to fill up the car.