Coolio's Fantastic Voyage To Rehab



Pleading guilty to the charge of felony possession of crack cocaine, rapper gone celebrity parenting star Coolio has managed to avoid jail time. The star of Oxygen’s show Coolio’s Rules will instead be hitting the rehab circuit for the next 18 months.

While it’s definitely way better than jail time, it’s got to be pretty damaging to your image as a parent when you plead guilty to possessing crack. Geez. How exactly do you live that one down?

Luckily for the has-been rapper, upon completing his 18 months of drug rehab, the judge can dismiss Coolio’s case.

Before his arrest, Coolio and his 4 kids (Artisha, 20, Brandi, 19, Artis, 18, and Jackie, 15) were being  featured in a reality show about the rapper’s life as a single dad as he tries to juggle dating and teenagers (but not dating teenagers) — Coolio’s Rules. It’s pretty much the same concept as Snoop Dogg’s Father Hood, with a much less cool celebrity.

If there’s a season 2, he’ll have to be juggling narcotics anonymous meetings along with everything else. Good look with all that, Coolio.