Cost of Kate Gosselin's Haircut: $7,000. Cost for Her Kids: $13.


We all heard about reality TV star Kate Gosselin’s $7,000 haircut earlier this year, in anticipation of her “Dancing with the Stars” appearance. But apparently her kids’ hair only requires a $13 shear.

You multiply that by eight, and it’s still a relatively reasonable $104, or about $6,900 less than mom paid.

But give it to Kate, she looked great as she stepped out with the “Kate Plus 8″ camera crew to take the kids to get those real-people-priced haircuts.

Keep reading to find out what she wore.

So, wow, Kate ran this everyday errand wearing more makeup and better clothes than I did the last time I went to a wedding.

She wore a short (but not ridiculous) black miniskirt and high heels on the outings. I credit the camera crew for the high couture, though maybe she just wanted to impress the Reading SuperCuts staff.

And her hair did look good, though I’m not sure about $7,000 good. For $7,000, I’d like to see diamonds and rubies.