Cougar Town's Christa Miller Gets Interviewed By Her Children For REDBOOK!


Christa Miller, the feisty star of the hit show Cougar Town, is being interviewed for REDBOOK’s April issue…but it’s an interview with a twist!

Miller is actually interviewed by her three children: Charlotte, 10, Will, 8, and Henry, 4. She answers questions about her favorite on-screen kiss, her past jobs, and how she will react to her children dating when they get older.

You can get the full story here, and grab a sneak peek below.

Charlotte: Who’s your favorite person you’ve ever kissed on TV?
Christa: I kissed Benjamin Bratt in a miniseries I did for television. He’s not as great a kisser as Daddy. But I have to say he’s very cute.
Henry: My daddy says that’s unacceptable!

Charlotte: Did you have any other jobs besides acting?
Christa: I used to deejay, and I modeled. Grandma Mimi was a model too; I was on the cover of REDBOOK with her when I was 3.

Charlotte: When I get a boyfriend, will you behave yourself or act crazy?
Christa: When I meet your boyfriend, he’d better be supernice and…
Charlotte: Supercute!
Christa: And what else?
Charlotte: Polite?
Christa: And what’s the most important thing — the thing Daddy makes me do?
All kids: Laugh!

Well said, Christa! Make sure to check out REDBOOK’s April issue, which hits newsstands on March15th.

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