Could Kate Middletons Thin Frame Be The Cause Of Her Pregnancy Complications?

Kate Middleton's increasingly thin frame

Someone needs to hand this girl a royal whopper.

Duchesses Kate or Kate Middleton as some of us like to still call her seems to be getting thinner with each passing day, sparking health concerns and the possible reason why she is unable to produce a heir to the throne.

As the world is fixated on Kate’s midsection for what could be the future King of England inside her womb, sources close to the royal family say that medical complications stemming from her adolescence along with her ever increasingly thin frame might be the reason why the Duchess still hasn’t produced a bun in her oven yet.

Kate might be feeling the pressure though, as many royal newlywed couples have been quick to get business done during the first year of marriage.  That stress surely isn’t helping the royal couple from enjoying their baby making business.

According to British Royal Family biographer Andrew Morton, if Kate is not pregnant within the next nine months, “she will defy an old British tradition of 200 years.”

When it does happen though, we’re sure the entire country of England will rejoice with the news of a royal baby on its way.  In the meantime, let’s just hope Kate orders that side of fries and eats them a yummy mummy needs her curves!


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