Countdown to the Kiss - Nothing Is Left to Chance with the Royal Wedding!

royal wedding
Royal Wedding - Countdown to the Kiss

First we had Royal Wedding Watch.  Now we have the “Countdown to the Kiss” for the royal couple! 

Most newlywed couple’s get to enjoy their wedding day, but Prince William and Princess Kate have their whole day planned out for them down to the minute including their first public kiss.  And just in case you’re afraid you might miss it, the Today Show is featuring their very own Countdown to the Kiss timer in the corner of your television set!

It used to be that the countdown timers were used for life changing events…. New Year’s ball drops, sporting events, space shuttle launches, etc.  Today the countdown timer is being used to make sure that the world doesn’t miss out on that extra special, uber choreographed first kiss.  Nothing is being left to chance for the royal wedding!  We wouldn’t want those pesky kids to enjoy themselves on their wedding day after all.  The kiss will be viewed by a crowd estimated to be 150k and a worldwide tv audience numbering in the millions.

Just in case you were wondering…. you have about 15 minutes to wait for that first kiss!