Country Music Awards: Is Host Carrie Underwood Going to Have a Baby Soon?

Will Carrie Underwood Have a Baby Soon?

Carrie Underwood – host of the Country Music Awards with Brad Paisley  – is expecting! Not a baby but the question, “when are you going to have babies?” It’s pretty much a given for a woman like her. She in child bearing years, she’s successful and she’s happily married which usually – in traditional households – equals baby time! So when she gets interviewed, she is going to be asked when they’ll be a little Carrie in the works. But don’t hold your breath. The singing sensation said…to Access Hollywood when asked about her plans for kids with husband, “Future, future, future,” adding, “Right now, [Mike is] gone all the time, so it just wouldn’t be fair to either one of us as parents — or to our child — if it was like, ‘Well, sorry little baby, you’re not going to see your dad for a few months cause mommy’s got to go on the road and neither one of us are willing to bend on what we do right now.”

Instead the couple parents a pair of much furrier kids, their two dogs. “We have two doggies, and they keep us quite busy and quite entertained,” she added.


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