Courtney Cox & David Arquette - He Hasn't Worn His Ring for Months She Still Does


David Arquette

David Arquette has apparently been livin’ the single life for a while now. Although news just broke that David Arquette and Courteney Cox are in the midst of a trial separation, David was enjoying a few of the perks of being ‘free,’ not just hooking up with other women namely Jasmine Waltz…but his left index single has had it’s own brand of freedom.

Arquette was photographed in September without his wedding band. Even though it was a “trial separation” he opted to take off the symbol of him and Courteney’s marriage. And Courteney? She reportedly is still wearing hers. Does that mean perhaps she is more committed to trying to work things out? Or did she wear it just for ‘appearances’? Or maybe she didn’t want it to seem to permanent to her daughter Coco? Or maybe, just maybe, she just like the bling!

Photo: PCN