Courtney Cox & David Arquette: Did Their Desire For A Second Child Cause Them To Split?

Courtney Cox David Arquette
Did Courtney and David Split Over Wanting Another Child?

Courtney Cox and David Arquette seemed like one of Hollywood’s most solid couples, but word came out yesterday that they have chosen to separate. They have supposedly already worked out a joint custody arrangement of daughter, Coco, 6, and she remains their number one priority.

The split seems to be amicable, and we can’t help but wonder what caused them to grow apart after all these years. It was no secret that Coco was conceived via in-vitro fertilization, and that Courtney and David have struggled with fertility issues. Could it be that their desire for a second child is what tore them apart?

A family therapist, Dr. Sherri Meyers, talked to RadarOnline and said that the statistics for divorce are high among couples who have fertility issues because of the stress involved. Dr. Meyers also said that undergoing treatments takes a toll on a couple’s romantic life. She adds, “Sex life becomes a scientific experiment it’s no longer an expression of love and it’s a success or a failure based on the results.”

Courtney and David even considered adopting a brother or sister for Coco, but their relationship was already too far gone before it happened.

Photo: Pacific Coast News