Courtney Love IS Still Cuckoo


courtney-love-britney-spears-molestedDid you hear? Courtney Love made some crazy statements about Jamie Spears relationship with his daughters.

What? No way!

Of course she was just ranting on her Facebook page, but of course it was interesting.

“britneys dad molested her , imagine the father that molested you owning you for slavery while your forced to sing songs picked for their sexual content every night, insane right? i have it on First had authority, and fight as hard as she is and does she still didn’t pull that card, its a pride thing i can relate to, However they want to play dirty, lets go, Im SO not afraid of the little trolls who hit this when i was fucked up who are called lawyers. lets GO.”

So, she’s pretty crazy, but heavens to betsy, how crazy did she make her daughter?

What are Britney’s kids going to say if they ever see this besides, what the hell is she saying and oh my goodness, is it true mom?

Oh vey! Craziness!

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