Courtney Love Loses Custody of Her Daughter


courtneyloveandfrancesbeancobainThe most surprising thing about this headline? That is hadn’t happened years ago.

It took 17 years for seemingly unstable Courtney Love to lose custody of her daughter Francis Bean. A legal guardian has been appointed to Francis and it’s her very own… grandma, Wendy O’Connor (Kurt Cobain’s mom) as well as Kimberly Dawn (Cobain’s sister).

This all went down on Friday and will be a guardianship for her personal and financial well-being. But the guardians will have no power over the trust that is in Frances’ name. TMZ reported that, “Guardianships of this nature are frequently established when the parent is not capable of taking care of their children.” Although the record of the court proceedings are sealed, it’s said this guardianship was established “after a fairly long period of unstable conduct by Courtney Love.”

Does this news at all surprise you?