Cover Wars: Did People Magazine Steal Us Weeklys Thunder With Snooki Pregnancy Announcement?

Snooki is preggers!

Talk about stealing your thunder… and your paid-for cover pregnancy announcement. While People Magazine and every other media outlet on the internet are reporting the news early that someone will be calling Snooki their mother soon, Us Weekly has stayed suspiciously mum.

According to the New York Post, sources close to the diminutive star say that she is about three months along and lied about her pregnancy earlier this month because she was shopping for an announcement deal, a la Jessica Simpson. Us Weekly paid for the story, and well unfortunately for them the cat was let out of the bag before they could print out their cover story of a maternal-looking Snooks talking about how the only drinks she’ll be preparing are the ones that go in a baby bottle.

The New York Post says a rep for MTV said the network “doesn’t comment on series in production.” Polizzi’s rep has so far declined to comment.


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