Craig Ferguson, Friend to Late-Night Breastfeeders, Expecting a Baby!


megan wallace-cunningham

Craig Ferguson and wife Megan Wallace-Cunningham are expecting a baby. “Holy crackers! Mrs F is pregnant. How did that happen?” the comic tweeted today.  It will be the couple’s first child together, though Ferguson already has a son Milo, 9, from his second marriage (he’s now on his third). The image of Wallace-Cunningham staying up late to nurse the new Ferguson is especially beautiful to me, and, I suspect to breastfeeding mothers nationwide. Why? 

After my son was born, the tyke had a habit of feeding exactly at 12:35 am, just as Ferguson’s Late Late Show hit the air. I became so addicted to Ferguson’s off-beat, who-me? humor that found myself nudging my baby awake for feedings even if he hadn’t screamed at exactly that hour. It’s the only thing I miss about late-night feedings. Sitting on the couch with my feet up on the coffee table, baby in the crook of my arm, laughing along with the Ferg. As my son grew older and moved on to a bottle, my husband offered to take over that feeding. “Don’t worry about it,” I said, “I’ll suffer through it.” Generous me. 

Best of luck to Megan Wallace-Cunningham, Craig Ferguson, baby Ferguson, and breastfeeding moms everywhere. So what did you watch during your nighttime feedings?