Creepy Halloween Costume vs. Cute: Heidi Klum's Dead Body, Bethenny Frankel Hello Kitty (Photos)

Heidi Klum dead body halloween costume
Heidi Klum's creepy Halloween costume

Creepy Halloween costume vs. cute!

What’s the most un-supermodel like thing Heidi Klum could dress as for Halloween? A skinless dead body, of course!

You’ve got to love Heidi Klum’s Halloween costumes each year – her commitment is unparalleled in the celebrity world!

This year, Heidi Klum completely outdid herself, arriving on a gurney, covered with a blood splattered sheet that was removed to reveal a skinless Heidi!

Gross, yet totally fabulous!

Bethenny Frankel, who attended Heidi Klum’s annual Halloween party, was on the opposite end of the spectrum in a cutesie Hello Kitty costume.

Check the photos near the end to see Heidi Klum’s transformation!

  • Heidi Klum 1 of 20
    Heidi Klum
    Heidi Klum arrives to her annual party on a gurney!
  • Heidi Klum reveal 2 of 20
    Heidi Klum reveal
    "Doctors" pull back the sheet to reveal a skinless Heidi Klum.
  • Heidi Klum 3 of 20
    Heidi Klum
    Heidi Klum dressed as a dead body for Halloween!
  • Heidi Klum dead 4 of 20
    Heidi Klum dead
    Klum noted, "This is my 13th Halloween party. This year I wanted to be a dead person."
  • Heidi Klum skinless 5 of 20
    Heidi Klum skinless
    Ew. Heidi Klum's Halloween costume is creepy and gross.
  • Heidi Klum closeup 6 of 20
    Heidi Klum closeup
    Close up of Heidi' face - check out the detail.
  • Heidi Klum goes full out for Halloween 7 of 20
    Heidi Klum goes full out for Halloween
    Heidi definitely puts her all into Halloween.
  • Heidi Klum’s naked backside 8 of 20
    Heidi Klum's naked backside
    We've never seen so much of Heidi!
  • Fun shoes 9 of 20
    Fun shoes
    Super high heels - she is a supermodel after all!
  • Heidi Klum’s creepy costume 10 of 20
    Heidi Klum's creepy costume
    Full look at Heidi's head-to-toe creep fest.
  • Bethenny Frankel 11 of 20
    Bethenny Frankel
    Bethenny Frankel went totally cute in Hello Kitty.
  • Bethenny Frankel 12 of 20
    Bethenny Frankel
    Frankel sported a pink/blonde wig and Hello Kitty attire.
  • Love the stripes! 13 of 20
    Love the stripes!
    Check out Bethenny's stripey legs.
  • Bethenny Frankel 14 of 20
    Bethenny Frankel
    What do you think of Bethenny's costume?
  • Heidi Klum naked dead body process 15 of 20
    Heidi Klum naked dead body process
    Klum kept fans in the loop on her transformation.
  • Road map 16 of 20
    Road map
    Heidi Klum tweeted: "This is the road map..."
  • Airbrushing 17 of 20
    Check out the detailed airbrushing.
  • Almost done 18 of 20
    Almost done
    "Almost done!" she tweets.
  • Final dead look 19 of 20
    Final dead look
    Heidi is ready to go.
  • Heidi Klum loves Halloween! 20 of 20
    Heidi Klum loves Halloween!
    Heidi tweeted this pic, "Worms from a skull!!! Yum!!! Happy Halloween!!"


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