Cristin Milioti Steals Show on '30 Rock'


30 Rock

Cristin Milioti stole the show on last night’s 30 Rock. It’s tough to steal the spotlight from the crew of 30 Rock because everyone is so funny but Cristin Milioti was amazing as the new writer  on TGS Abby Flynn.

Milioti was on 30 Rock as Abby Flynn, a baby voiced stand-up comedian, with pigtails?  Liz hired a new female writer because people were saying that “TGS hates women.”

Last night’s 30 Rock also introduced a new nemisis for Jack, in the form of Kabletown CEO Hank Hooper’s granddaughter. Chloe Moretz was fabulous as Jack’s newest rival for power.  It’s too funny!

Last night’s episode, “TGS Hates Women” begins with a the show being featured on blog that asks “Why Does TGS Hate Women?”

Liz objects to the headline but quickly realizes that TGS does have a tendency to make jokes aimed at females. Liz asks Jack if he thinks she hates women and Jack explains that all women – not just Liz – are “genetically predisposed to being jealous of one another.”

In order to prove Jack wrong, Liz hires the beautiful and talented Abby. Meanwhile, we see Jack’s latest plan to take over the company.   We meet Jack’s future rival, CEO’s granddaughter, Kaylie Hooper, a” Justin Bieber-loving 14 year old” and I hope we see more of her!

Photo: 30 Rock/NBC