Critics Review Pop-Tarts Sushi: Would You Let Your Kids Eat This?


With the opening of the massive Pop-Tarts World in Times Square yesterday, media and critics descended from all over. The most popular topic for their reviews and musings? The Pop-Tarts Sushi. That’s right, this little treat made big headlines. Pop-Tarts Sushi, which is basically crushed up Pop-Tarts surrounded by a fruit-roll-up, is pretty much the center of attention at Pop-Tarts World, as far as we can tell, but that doesn’t mean it’s well-loved.

Critics writing for everything from Zagat to Eater NY and Fox News gave their two cents on this original treat, and well, most don’t think too highly of it.

A critic for Gothamist wrote “Like Proust’s madeleine, the taste of the Pop-Tarts sushi instantly took me back to my childhood. Specifically, memories of attempting to eat bubblegum and graham crackers at the same time. I guess that’s why I never tried that again.”

And Serious Eats didn’t think too much more of the “sushi”: “I don’t know how this could be so much worse than the sum of its parts, but it was. Chalkky and powdery and, frankly, vile. The extra fruit filling, maybe? Edibility, 1-10: 0. I physically could not bring myself to swallow.”

There was one review, though, that we guess could be a shining light for Pop-Tarts. A critic reporting for Slashfood said, “It tastes exactly how it sounds–sweet, possibly too sweet. I would have been more content to empty out the filling and just eat the fruit wrap. However, I can see why it has such an appeal and I truly believe everyone should try it for themselves.”

So there you have it–are you going to take that advice and bring your kids to try Pop-Tarts Sushi on your next trip to the Big Apple? Or would you be more content to keep your brood as far away as possible from this utterly sweet treat? (Or maybe you could just stick with some actual sushi.)



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