Crocodile Dundee's Paul Hogan Banned From Leaving Australia Over Tax Debt


Paul Hogan, best known for his role as tooth necklace/tooth adorned hat wearing Crocodile Dundee, is an outlaw in the outback. The actor is banned from leaving Australia until he pays his tax bill. How much does the 70 year old (yes, that much time has passed) owe? Multi-millions.

Paul has been living in Los Angeles for a long time with his American wife Linda Kozlowski and their 12-year-old son, Chance. He recently went back to the Motherland for his mother’s funeral and has since been stopped from returning to the States.

The Australian tax office served Paul with a bill last month for tax on $37.6 million of undeclared income. His lawyer, Andrew Robinson, said the actor was “stunned and very disappointed” that his own Government could treat him as a flight risk saying, “The process of detaining Paul in Australia, away from his wife and child in Los Angeles, has devastated Paul. He will continue to defend his position through all available legal and other channels.”

If Paul can’t pay up, then his family might be trading paparazzi for kangaroos and moving continents.


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