Cry Baby: Should Jennifer Grey Stop The Waterworks On Dancing With the Stars?

jennifer grey dancing with the stars
Jennifer Grey is a cry baby on Dancing with the Stars!

Jennifer Grey is starting to live up to that “Baby” nickname she can’t seem to stop crying! The once-and-likely-future “Dancing with the Stars” frontrunner has been on an emotional roller coaster the past few weeks, and yesterday she hit one of her lows again, breaking down during practice with partner Derek Hough.

For the second time, 50-year-old Grey sobbed for the cameras and yet looked fairly chipper when it was time to dance (perhaps happy in the knowledge that few 50-year-olds can rock a sparkly bikini top like she can, wow).

I do realize that she has physical issues that kept her from doing the show in the past, and survived a bout of cancer but Jennifer, this is “Dancing with the Stars,” not “Brain Surgery with the Stars.” If you do the wrong step, no one will die, yourself included. Maybe this would be a good motto to repeat to keep those emotions in check: “Len Goodman never killed anyone.”

I love watching her dance, and Derek is awesome. But Jennifer should take a cue from someone 20 years her senior Florence Henderson’s only breakdown on the show came when she was remembering her late husband, and she was in her 70s!

What do you think should Baby stop crying?

Photo: ABC