Crystal Bowersox on Balancing Fame With Being a Mom


So often the celebrity moms we read about have had a chance to get used to being famous before they started their families. Not so for single-mom Crystal Bowersox, who became an overnight sensation when she became the voice to beat on American Idol this season. She lost out to Lee DeWyze, but even as runner-up, she seems poised to make a journey to the top—and she is taking her son Tony along for the ride. How does she handle her continuing Idol responsibilities, the pressure to get an album out now while she has some momentum—all while chasing after a toddler?

“I’ve handled it very well,” Bowersox told USA Today. “And my son certainly doesn’t understand, he’s 16 months old. His favorite word is “awesome.” He’s having a good time. He’s well taken care of and he’s a happy little guy. I greet each day with joy at having a child in my life. I do what any mom would do: I wake up, take care of him, go to work, go home.”

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