Crystal Bowersox: Putting Her Newfound Money To Good Use


Singer Crystal Bowersox has been propelled into a position of fame and fortune after securing the runner-up spot on American Idol. And this 24-year-old, who before the reality singing competition was a cocktail waitress, isn’t about to squander away her recently earned money.

The mom of son Tony, 17 months, told Redbook she’s instead using it to ensure a great education for her child. “The only thing I have splurged on is my son’s college fund,” Bowersox said. “He has a college fund, and that makes me happy. I love to say that: ‘My son has a college fund.'”

Bowersox explained that when she was a kid, her parents couldn’t provide such a fun for her, so she’s especially excited to be able to do so for her own child. As for the here and now, the singer/songwriter said her son is already benefiting from her success. “Tony’s first word this morning was happy,” she said. “I’m doing something right and it feels so good. To me, the definition of success is happiness.”

And Bowersox plans to continue to make plans that will maintain a good life for Tony, including finding “a more stable place” for the two to live after the American Idol tour this summer.


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